Friday, June 20, 2014

Run With It

Do you like to run?  Or have anyone in your family that does?  This kit is perfect to capture those running milestones.  Whether it is just starting to run, or finishing a marathon.
 I love the girly colors but there are also enough of the blue, red and green to make layouts for boys/men.  There are so many fun elements from jobbing strollers, treadmills, sneakers, ipods, and everything that you would associate with running.  I can't wait until I run my next 5K or try a 10K and have some great pictures to use with this!

Here is my layout:
I used a template from Scrappin' With Liz.  My little stinker likes to use my treadmill as a chalkboard...and I finally caught her in the act one day!!

And as a's a frame freebie for you!!!!  yay free stuff!!

click preview for download

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