Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspired Vol. 4

Are you worn out from all the festivites surrounding National Scrapbooking Day? I really only was able to participate on Sunday, but I did enjoy some chats and shopping.
In case you missed out, Queen Wild Scraps has a new release today. Inspired Vol 4 (formerly part of the NSD Grab Bag) is a great template pack. You can pick it up for 50% off today through May 15th.
QWS_I4_previewweb 2014-Wild-Princess-Header

Ann QWS_I4_Ann1 BethQWS_I4_Beth1 QWS_I4_Beth2 KristalQWS_I4_Kristal1 MistyQWS_I4_Misty1 Sheri CatherineQWS_I4_SheriCatherine1 TeresaQWS_I4_Teresa1 TinaQWS_I4_Tina1 TrinityQWS_I4_Trinity1

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