Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Good Life, Vol 9.

The latest Good Life template set is available now! The Good Life Vol 9 is more project life awesomeness. I love how versatile this series is and this set is no exception. You can pick it up 40% off today through September 4th.QWS_TGL9_previewSNPweb

HenriettQWS_TGL9_Henriett1 KendraQWS_TGL9_Kendra1 KristalQWS_TGL9_Kristal1 Queen LahniQWS_TGL9_Lahni1 QWS_TGL9_Lahni2 Sheri CatherineQWS_TGL9_SheriCatherine1 TeresaQWS_TGL9_Teresa1 TinaQWS_TGL9_Tina1 QWS_TGL9_Tina2 TrinityQWS_TGL9_Trinity1

Stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon.

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