Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I think just about everyone has some kind of Thanksgiving tradition or celebration that they do.  For me it usually involves baking lots an dlots, stuffing myself so much that i need to unbutton the top button (or just plan to wear sweats that day...) and then promptly falling into a food induced coma.  And once I wake up, go back for seconds =)  So I never get the chance to take pictures =(  But if you are one of the lucky ones to take super fun and cute Turkey Day pictures, Twin Mom Scraps has this SUPER CUTE kit to preserve all your fun memories.
And if you head over to her shop it is 50% off!!!
Traditions BUNDLE
Here is the whole bundle....there are fantastic templates and clusters to go along with it....and this whole thing is 45% off right now!!

Here are some super fun layouts with it:  (I am a total slacker and didn't get one done...but these fabulous ladies did a great job)

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