Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Good Life

Queen Wild Scraps has a new release today perfect for those of you jumping on the P52/265 or Project Life bandwagons. It is also perfect if you love the blocked look.QWS_TGL_previewweb
QWS_TGL_Beth1 QWS_TGL_Beth2HenriettQWS_TGL_Henriett1 QWS_TGL_Henriett2Jennifer used Jaunty January.
QWS_TGL_Jennifer1KristalQWS_TGL_Kristal1 QWS_TGL_Kristal2 Queen LahniQWS_TGL_Lahni1LyndeeQWS_TGL_Lyndee1TeresaQWS_TGL_Teresa1Tina used Jaunty January on her first layout and Bring Spring on her third.QWS_TGL_Tina1 QWS_TGL_Tina2 QWS_TGL_Tina3 TrinityQWS_TGL_Trinity1

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